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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sooo Its Past Christmas and...


well present as in "Present"

Its a hamper from dove that i won,
surprising since when i was writing on the card i was
mumbling, bleh simply write lah cannot win one
so anyway here it is !!!
arrived today ~~~Packed like how all hampers are packed, i proceeded to rip away the ugly wrapping

And TADA omg the santa is damm cute lah
haha my mum wants it
so gave it to her
then here is wats in the hamper ^^

hmm missing two more bars of soap, forgot to put in, hehe
lazy to take another pic d
since my dog was rampaging nearby for attention.
guess ill be using Dove for the entire year d next year

Melli Kelismas Guys & Gals
And dont fall sick like me,
Stupid Cough Block Nose and Sorethroat !!

Oh and Enjoy Ur Results ~
Im getting mine tomolo

Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Am I ?

I have became so weak,
I use to be able to endure through
Now to break so easily

To be able to stand by myself again
To be strong on my own
I have been through this before
Things that I thought would happen
Things that I wish to happen
Never do

Hanging on that thread of hope
Refusing to let go
Yet reality dawns upon
And hope came crashing to the ground

I lost so much before
I will lose more ahead
But I shall endure
Like I have any other choice.

In Dream I shall recide
In Heart I shall hide
I shall endure the tides
Let it carry me through the nite…

~When God created me, What was He thinking~

Thursday, November 01, 2007

U know you are in NUS after midterm period when
You look at your friends personal messages and get:
Hahahahha. . .
Seriously, do other Uni's make their poor students
go like that ?

~To Balance between Work & Life~

Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's like a cycle, things keep repeating, though not exactly the same
there are always the similarities.
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
Classes assignments reports tests
sleep wakeup eat sleep
on and on and on
well this are the things that we dont really have to bother to knoe it is a cycle.

But pause and think
wat about the ones around us, sure u might just say their going through the same thing
as usual,
yet, do you no notice the changes in them
or do u choose to be just ignorant.
There are those that need us when we are
in the midst of doing our work.
no matter how busy you are, things around u continues to change,
there is no pause button, that allows u continue from where u stopped.
The me you know yesterday is not the me you know today.

Yet, some ppl views things like a cycle, like:
Oh shes doing that again,
it's one of his emo periods, he will get over it one day.

STOP and consider, you are something tangible to them,
things you do DOES effect them,
no matter how small it is,
A simple hi and goodnite,
a listening ear.
Things that we could do that can change how a person's cycle is
NEI, it is not a cycle, its a path. We are not in a cycle.
Things that has past will nvr occur again,
"shes always emo one" and "it's his emo period again"
if you already KNOW it is repetitive,
yet u let it repeat.
Maybe its you that is the missing link, that can stop the repetition.
(or worsen it depending on your actions)
But standing by idly does not aid.
Do something, at least try.
It is not easy to understand a person's heart.
But it is still doable.


A heart, filled with feelings and emotions,
Yet, unable to open itself to others,
Chained and locked by fear, pride and distrust.
It longs to share what that is within,
Always hoping that one day the key would come,
To unlock and release it from the heavy rusty chains....

~Spare me just a small part of your life~

Monday, October 15, 2007

Heart Art- Heart

When you too much free time (due to procrastination) what do you do?
Me i doodle. Below are my recent doodles in what state could a person heart be in.
inspired through observation from people around me and myself .

So which kinda heart is yours, though normally comprise of a few of the states.
okay, i oni doodled two here , more will come soon . Ahaha...
Thorn Heart
A heart full of love and care, a blossom for the other,
Yet the yearning binds and constricts, bleeding itself , hurting.
This heart wants to offer all the love it can, but it also forms
thorn vines that binds and constrict itself, resulting in feelings
of constraint and ache.
Frost Heart
A fragile, cold heart, formed from the loss of love
the lack of love turns the heart cold and empty,
ever yearning for the warmth of love.
But yet, fragile, easily smashed into shards,

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nei... I'm lost...

Where am i going? I dunno... do you..? Would you kindly tell me if you do ?
Most probably you dont know too...
Thatz okay, ill just take another step forward.
Where to ?
Good question...
Lets see...where am i ...
Im standing, in a barren place, no home here i guess.
Kinda drizzling abit too, though there some warmth along with it.
This warmth, it feels really nice ^^, but somehow i sense it fleeting away...
hmm. the rain might get heavier if that happens i guess.
The winds are blowing kinda rough, guess must be those times.
Whats this? Ouh a frozen shard...It feels cold,
yet i feel like this belongs to me.
Guess ill keep it close, maybe one day it will thaw.
Hmm, quite cloudy, not surprise, since its drizzling after all.
Oh, theres an oasis there... seems like a mirage though...
the warmth also seems to becoming from there too...
hmm... maybe i should head there? i don't seem to have any other direction anyway...
other paths? hmm maybe if i see something interesting along the way.
The sky looks violent there though, maybe it will clear
by the time i reach there.
Besides, i would like to enjoy this warmth for a little longer
Ah well, i better get moving, nothing to do here anyway,
what about ya? care to join in my travel..?
emm, guess you have your own path to walk huh...?
Is there anyone else with me? Oh, well you here for now.
Thats counted too rite ^^.
Would i be alright? Haha, don't worry,
I am kinda use to walking alone. . .
besides, you can never really know what lies ahead can you?
guess thats what makes each step count.
well then i should get going now, i pray our path cross again one day.
Safe journey to you too.
**Takes another step forward to the warmth. . . .**
:---:~{Overlaying Dreams Upon Reality}~:---:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Cycle

I never learn do i . . .

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Save me from my self...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

In Memories of Twister. . .

You were such a small figure, such a tiny entity, and yet you were so many things to me.
Though i can't remember the day when u came into my arms,
I remembered the memories when we were together,
When you were my...

You were always there, always ready, to play around with me.
To cheer me up with your energetic behavior.
You never fail to remove the loneliness i often felt in my life.
Your dark brown eyes always seems so understanding,
You never refuse me your ear when i needed it,
Listening to all my troubles and comforting me with your warmth. . .
I shall always remember, how u wake me up by knocking on my door,
So you can come into my room, just to snuggle under my blanket.
I will remember the times, when i was studying for examination,
You were always there, beside me staying with me through the whole nite.
Your presence never fail to give strength to me to go through the piles of books.

How you would bark at strangers,
The way you protect my stuffs when others try to take it,
How you attack those who hits me,
Having you by my side makes me feel safe, protected.
Though small in size, you were big in courage.
The brown coat that you have always give me comfort,
The times when you attacked me after i annoy you too much,
The way you playfully attack the blanket,
The way you lick my face to give me encouragement,
The soft yet rough feel of your paws on my face...

You have been my support when i was about the crumble,
Somehow you manage to prevent me from breaking down,
Those dark brown eyes of yours always give a sense of love and understanding,
And yet you never have to say a word.
When i feel the world is against me,
You would come along and show me that i could face the world
I would always remember the times you were there for me when im down,
never questioning, always there to listen, always supportive
The times when you would be there to greet me home,
After i come back from a tiring day.
How you jump around in excitement at the sight of me,
When everyone else is too busy to greet me back...

~Secret Keeper~
How i would tell you my feelings when I'm down,
How you were patient with me on the matters that i do
The way you allow me to remove that many masks that i wear,
You never scrutinize, never criticize.
How you would take good care of your pups,
How you allow me to handle them.
How i could trust you on not stealing my food.
The way you bark and jump about to ask for food,
The small pink tongue of yours when your panting,
The way you squirm about when i bath you,
Causing me to be wet all over and thus having to bath myself after that...

Always you show care and love to me,
You never get bored of me being the boring person i am,
Always beside me whenever i need you,
How you never hated me for the times i treat you badly,
Always forgiving in the things you do,
How you get jealous when i play with the others,
Ill remember the time when i just got you,
How you would chase your own tail about
Thus gaining your name,
Though your name was a miscommunication between me and my uncle,
Your name shall forever be engraved in my heart,
The warmth of your cheek when i kiss it,
The soft-cold feeling of your nose,
How your hair makes me itch
The tears in your eyes after seeing me when i come back after a long while. . .

Never will i be able to place all that we have been through into text,
A task impossible since there are no words that could describe the feelings that i have for you,
In this short life of yours with me, i wonder, how do you feel.
Were you contented? Happy with your life?
Were you sad, depress or angry,
I wish you could tell me.
I hope you feel the same as i felt for you,
The ups and downs that we been through together.
I never regretted a single moment i had with you,
No matter how bad the moment could be.
Yet after all this,
I wish you could forgive me.
After all that we have been through,
I couldn't be by your side during your final moments,
I couldn't comfort you through your pain as how you did for me,
I couldnt give you the warmth that you gave me during my ordeal,
You gave so much and taken so little in this small life of yours,
Yet at your final hours i couldnt be there for you,
The last image of you in my mind is the sight of you at the door,
watching me leave in the car to go to the bus stop,
Tell me, did you know that time could be the final time you could see me,
I remember the last words i told you before i left:-
Take care of the family and behave well when I'm gone.
And seeing you flick your sharp ears about as i whisper into yours . . .
Did it hurt? I hope you were able to pass on peacefully.
I hope that you were happy with your life.
I hope you enjoy the time with me and the family.
Are you in a better place now? How is it like?
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry for not taking care of you better,
Would you blame me?
I couldnt stop my flow of tears right now,
Would you be angry at me for being so weak?
I know i should be letting go, but please give me some time,
The loss of you has been a great blow to me,
I hope you will understand.

Again, I'm sorry for not being able to be by your side,
I hope that you will forgive me...

Twister, I love you and I always will. . .
..~Rest in Peace~..
8th September 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007


Warm to the touch,
A sight for the sore,
Without doing much,
You warm me to the core.

To hold you to sleep,
To have your warmth on me,
Your gentle breath as you sleep,
Would be like a gentle lullaby to me.

How i wish for me to be with you,
How i yearn for your company,
But it could not be true,
Due to our current society. . .


Yen~To be with you

Saturday, September 01, 2007


I'm doing the same thing again. . .
The thing that i hate myself for doing so . . .
Though i cant help myself, for its beyond my control. . .
Yet again i suffer, yet again i hide. . .
Feeling lost and confuse,
Feeling alone among friends,
Feelings that i hate,
but yet they come,
The burn in the heart when there is yearning,
The frost that develops when it is no obtained,
For i am a small human, one that has it's needs,
Barriers build by society, chained by rules,
Ever-present, Ever-there, Ever-dominating,
To hide in myself, to seek for a safe haven,
Though its safe, loneliness creeps in,

How i wish i could be a puppy,
Just to sleep in warmth,
Just to enjoy the comfort,
A worry not in mind,
See a puppy's face when its asleep,
How it shows, How it feels,
How i wish i am one. . .

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Code Name: Dream

Ahhh its raining again ^_^
this time im not under the rain hahahaha
so can enjoy . . . .

Anyhoo, today i went to the HERBALIFE bodymass check thingy
and well, im certified fat now XD
hahaha, previously thought that im 64 KG (own weigh)
the electronic weight they have said otherwise-66.7
thatz like almost a 3 kg different, i can blame the clothes and pants that im wearing,
but i will not ^^
Plus the body fat % was at 19 while the ideal one is around 10% for me
was adviced to shed those pounds away, then they came with the real motive:
Selling u da product, btw HERBALIFE is a MLM company so the ppl
gain more money for the product they sell ^^
Since my dad oso joined, guess i could get from him lah.
They looks dissapointed when i told em tat XD HAHA.

Anyway lets go to da title,
ever had a dream so nice you just dont want to wake up from,
sigh, once in awhile i get em, though nice to dream about it,
i feel angry and moody after i wake up
since i knoe its a dream and have to face my harsh realities
The thing is those dreams are not those type of fantasy like ones,
its close to reality, as in normal just that things u wished happen in you
normal life happened. . . hen u wake up, feeling miserable,
and knowing that the odds of what happened in you dream to happen in real
life is too low. . . that was an understatement, very low.
The worst thing is when u relate the dream to your current state,
For example u dream u score full As in ur exam then u woke,
then when u check ur results. . . it wasn't really. . .
Guess u could apply it to the rest such as striking lottery, person you have a crush on,
getting a car etc. etc etc.
Its just that during the moment in that dream, everything is just so real
and you feel so happy. . . then u realize its just a dream,
its sorta like realities mean joke or sumtin on u.
One of Life's (that bitch) cruel tricks.
Maybe some of ya have a dream come true before,
for me. . . as far as i remember i don't think i had one . T_T
Sighh, feel like locking myself in those dreams forever,
ahh well, Life's a bitch anyway, shes mean !
(meaner then Storm,MUCH MUCH MUCH MEANER !!!!)
though she has her kind periods. . . (Rarely)

Guess i should just stop dreaming and live with reality . . .
so i should just take control of what i can :
Health and Studies, Friends and Family.

Oh yea, must loose the fats thus:
Operation Weight Lost Through Doing Stupid Stuff

works for me before, should work for me again ^^

Yen~Dreamz. . . .

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Issue: Umbrella. . . .

First of all, pls no one start on the umbrella song >_>
Okay, so i woke this morning, around 9 45
(actually woke at around 7.30, urgh, i dunno why i wake be4 alarms this days)
so it was raining, thus unable to go to lab at 10 due to rain
(I don't own an Umbrella)
thus weeee get to go lab later lalalala,
*snuggles in bed*
then rain stoped around 1015
Time to go lab .
(Fast Forward >>)
okay so time for lunch,
was suppose to go meet Syen for collecting my A4 papers,
but instead i had to attend a meeting with my mentor,
so asked her to take for me instead (Big ERROR)
So i qued for the horridly long que in the science canteen (Yong Tau Foo)
then when was eating halfway nicely, *BROOOMM*
Thunder and rain = Storm?
This Rain
Not This One
Sensing the rain oso means sensing the storm,
Not this Storm
But a scarier one:
*play thunder sound*
Scary rite T_T
for those who dunno

GAaaa aparently because of purchasing the A4 paper for me
(She was kind enuff to buy me two stacks)
And due to the Rain, she was stucked at the Lib wet and drench,
Then thus due to that T_T
My pocket hurting d . . .
Im gonna owe here B&J for that.
So lets culculate here
Buying A4 paper from shop ~ 5.50
asking her to buy =4.50
B&J as transportation fee~5? ( not sure )
swt total T_T =

Mostly due to Umbrella T_T
I bet she din have an ella with her at that time . . .

Yen~ Shiverz

PS: dont kill me syen T_T

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alone~English Translation

A dry breeze is blowing
The city is getting cold
I wonder how many seasons have passed
without even a sound?

All of the people coming and going
bear heavy burdens,
searching for tomorrow
within the heat haze wavering in the distance.

Feelings like sand
falling through my hands...
Back then, the words that pierced my heart
suddenly started to throb with pain, but...

I've searched for pieces of myself,
counting the endless nights all the while.
These feelings are becoming so certain
I almost lose myself.
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far.

I wonder, why is the sky
so vast?
Even though I tried to yell, my voice didn't come
and the tears poured out.

I wonder where the birds are flying off to,
as they freely slice through the wind?
One can't return to the same place
as it once was in days gone by.

Even if I give up my dream like this,
I won't suppress my soaring heartbeat.
Someday, I want to reach
as high as the clouds. [1]
I'll spread wide the wings in my heart and journey once again

I will reach it, without fail.

I've searched for pieces of myself,
counting the endless nights all the while.
These feelings are becoming so certain
I almost lose myself.
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sudden freedom? ? ?

Lab was suddenly canceled today.
soo... here i am . . .
free. . .
Ever got the moment that some certain appointment got canceled
suddenly, normally at the last minute, then you realise.
What am i going to do now with this time. . .
its some thing like:

Too bz to think of what to enjoy by urself,
and when your free, you dunno what to do to enjoy the time. . .
annoying feeling.
anyhoo recovered from safe mode d.
thnx guy for bearing with me.
Noww. . . i need groceries, im almost run out of essentials
shampoo, instant noodles, bread, detergent.
anyhoo, its already the second week of class,
somehow i feeling like im either too bz or too free
when im too free i have nothing better to do
(dont call me to study cuz i wont if i dont feel like it)
anime is the best alternative i guess, meh
The class i DREAD the most is Bioinformatics.
1: Its god damm boring
2: the way the lecturer teach makes it boringer
3:the stupid practical is damm annoying and boring !!!!!
it irritates me as much as watching a video of elmo and barney dancing with each other
feel like taking a shotgun and blasting them up to little bits


Monday, August 20, 2007

Mode: Safe Mode

Guys im sure u have noticed my low energy mode since
i came back from the camp.
so i might not be the Yen you knoe when im around you.
Chains of events have leaved me both physically and mentally drained.
So ill say sorry first, just in case my negative energies are effecting the rest of you.

Things to do things to think things to decide. . .

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I need a moment of peace. . .

Just back from SPS camp.
Finally met the new freshies of SPS and guess what
The freshies this year at SPS much different from the previous batch.
its as if they dont belong there at all
(not considering how many of em will drop out)
theres like this group of freshies who dont look like the study type.
you would have seen them, cause there are like
5 of em who were in the SCIENCE Rag Dance !!!!
hahaha WHICH also leads to there being shuai guys and pretty gals in SPS
and they much ON lah . would be very intresting to listen to their views and perspective.
mite wana drop by the IS(interactive sessions) once in awhile just to listen to them
shooting each other .

guess if anyone is still reading my blog
they mite wonder why the sudden return of me
well the reason is

i need sumwhere to channel it after all
sum that knoe me would ask:
Dont u DotA to release stress
Good question!
its just that i have not been receiving dota invite for around a week d
and the Stress Lvl NEEDS management or else
me and the people around me shall suffer.

Sigh.. dead tired now but have Cluster Leader training
*Prays i dont fall asleep halfway through*


Friday, August 17, 2007

Let me start this blog with an


My stupid stuffs in my stupid bag damaged my laptop skin !!!
JEEZ !!!
not theres this ugly peel there
DAmmit !!!
if not becuz of the rain i wouldnt have place my lappy in my bag T_T
Maria's new dress now damaged.... sighhh
urgh. . .
i can already feel james going to tell me:-
I told you to get the laptop sleeve

sniff sniff. . .
ahh well, at least the skin protected my lappy from damage. . .
tomolo going to have to go to SPS camp d
seriously wonder what kinda people will be there
its Special Program for Science Camp after all. . .
*prays it not NERD inc.*
last years bath there was this NERD that brought a Chem book
to the chem. Its not the thin one, its those that are 4-5cm thick.
damm siao lah .
Hopefully itll be fun.
but the games should be ^^
might also consider using sum of the games for MSL day too
if there is time i guess. . .
anyway i better bath and get changed. just back from class.

Mentally Drained

Guyz im facing a little bit of problem...
the video turned out to be 4 GB in size. . .
WTF !!
yea i knoe i knoe . . .
anyone knoe how to kecik it so i can upload up onto you tube ?

my first week of skool is really tiring,
ive been almost running about from either 9 - 6 or 8-6
not counting meetings after 6 lah
yesterday(time), was very down when my experiment failed.
we had so much hope that it would finally succeed. . .
not only that, we were suppose to give a brief presentation today
and our slides arent ready and so is my brain.

i really wana rest... truly rest...
when would that ever come i wonder.
for now
Coffee would be my best friend
im certainly going to be coffee addict soon
if i continue being like this.
soo... tired..
better read up on one more journal paper
before i go sleep.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dead Blog

Dead Blog

Its just that conveniently im just too busy to update it. Labs UFO etc
today had a hella a time with da freshies
dey damm great bunch ni XD
i would say that i would upload pictures and all that
onto this blog, but preferably
how bout a video instead ^^
thats right u read correctly
I Wang Jun Yen
(btw James, this is how u spell my name ni)
Promise that i will upload a video of the recent events onto this blog XD
gimme... 1 week like that can ?
lets see
its a good bargain ma
if a picture is worth a thousand words
then imagine a video containing ALOT of pictures
with comments to boot !!!

Fluffy Logic Portal
Coming Soon To

Written By : Wang Jun Yen
Directed by: Wang Jun Yen
Dedicated to: ALL OF MY MSL FRIENDS !!!
I love you guys/gals
( just incase got ppl think im sexist)

( i think by now James can remember my name d and spell it oso hor ?)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


1. Yen
2. Chubby (=.=) die !!!!!
3. Ducky (lets not go there)


1. my eyes
2. my skin XD
3. my brain ? is that physical?


1. Hokkien...
3. Malaysian , is tat heritage?


1. People who whines alot (think overly pampered kids)
2. Durian =.=
3. not being able to play dota T_T


1. Losing my laptop =.=
2. Losing friends and family
3. Ending up alone


1. Heroes
2. The Simpsons
3. Friends


1. Bleach
2. One piece
3. Shounen Onmyouji


1. Alones- Aqua Timez
2. I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
3. KanKan- Vanessa Mae XD


1. Pirates of the carribean (trilogy)
2. Shrek trilogy
3. V for Vendetta


1. Transformers !!!
2. Taiyou no Uta (A Song to the Sun)...
3. Fantastic 4, silver surfer


1. The internet
2. The DotA (sumtimes dont get to play though)
3. FOOD !!!


1. Pink giordano polo T
2. Dark blue shorts
3. My glasses


1. Humour XD
2. Excitement
3. LOVE !!!!


1. Smooth skin
2. Nice eyes
3. nice hands???


1. shaking leg (dont hit me T_T)
2. yawning and forgeting to close mouth
3. overeat?


1. WAtching anime
2. Gaming
3. PETS !!!


1. Stop coughing =.=
3. Murder dell for delaying my laptop


1. Research Scienctist
2. Entrepreneur in new businesses
3. Mad scientist bent on world conquest


1. JAPAN !!!!!


1. harr??? arent kid names still names ==
2. wat utter nonsense
3. all names are nice since their lovingly bestowed by the parents


1. Freefall !!!
2. Own a siberian husky XD
3. Get my name down in the history books


1. Goes nuts over electronical gadgets XD
2. LOVE DOTA !!!
3. bathing takes less then 15 minutes


1. #_#
2. @_@
3. O_o


1. Ryan
2. Ryan
3. Ryan


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Unforeseen Circumstances (correct spelling?)

ahem ahem, due to unforeseen circumstances, this blog will be "close" till further notice
i am terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Its been raining almost everyday, not them i am complaining about the rain, it keeps my room cool and comfortable. The thing that am depressed of is the solitude that the examination studying period is giving me. Most days i go through the entire day without any of my friends insight, its not that i'm avoiding them, just that they prefer to study by themselves and group studies to them is unproductive. Sigh.. unproductive as it maybe at least they fill my day with smiles and laughter. Now the sight that i see is just the rain falling outside of my window while i sadly scribble notes from the lecture slides in preparation for the exam. Might be going insane soon. Some might argue that there is MSN and we can chat that way, but MSN is nothing compared to face to face communications.

Worst yet, i am beginning to feel distant from my friends, their becoming more and more stranger like to me. But what am i to do, but just let the wave of life move along. I grew weary of this, i pray by the end of the examination, they would still be the same as they were last sem, or maybe i should pray that i'll be the same as i was, i change alot in solitude, and there's always a chance that it will effect the relationship around me.

The sound of the rain,
Accompany my pain,
Drown away my sorrow,
Show me light tomorrow.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Okay, remember that time that i luff at lin cuz his face matched 3 girls and oni one guy >_>
aparently his not the only one T_T

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Ivory Throne Of Mine

I sit on my throne of ivory and ponder,
What would happen today I wonder,
While I wonder in this mind,
I cleanse this body of mine.

In this chamber where I am king,
None dare to bother even when I sing,
Some scrolls I did unroll,
while I wonder why is the world so cold.

Reside in here I can no longer,
No more time left for me to ponder,
There is much work to conquer,
With haste I left. . . and forgot the water.

( XP )

Monday, March 19, 2007

New song, this song seriously touches me, makes me think back on all the frens that i had and drifted apart due to distance and different study streams, sigh, misses the good old days, listen to it, then tell me what emotion did the song induce it ya, to me was sadness and all the more reason to cherish my friends

Friday, March 16, 2007

A good song will induce alot of emotions in you, where you can feel the type of emotion the song is trying to portray, this song reached me, im SURE you have heard of it before, but listen to it again, it some sort revitalize my torn being abit. Enjoyz. Press Play. heee

"I that you could be whatever you wanted to be,If you could realise all the dream you have inside."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well Because Syen said im not allowed to deflect the TAG RAY back to her, heres 6 unique things about me.

1) I LOVE DOGS !! I'm crazy over them, generally i'm not afraid of dogs unless their the type which has been train to guard the house and attack strangers, cant blame them if they attack me, its their job ^^. and i sometimes DO feel dogs are better then men (place proud emo here)

2) I seem to have an addiction towards instant noodle, i'm not sure i eat them because im hungry anymore, i eat them because i WANT to eat them. . . maybe got drugs inside >_>

3) Me love RPG games, i can go on and on about an RPG game that i like and played, all the better if sumone also played and we got stuffs to discuss, XD RPG GAME ROCKS !!!!Its like an adventurous story book XD

4) I always wish i would grow taller XD, this must be induce by my brother, the fact that i have to "look up" to him makes me grrrrrrrr, not that we are having a bad relationship or sumtin, more like sibling rivalry, im sur some of ya would understand ^^

5) I day dream about creating stuffs, ranging from might be useful if i were able to do it stuff to nonsense stuff like creating new character for an anime along with their power and all.

6) I wear a mask all the while so no one will know who i really am. Muhahaahahaha.

I tag. . .
*aims tag beam gun*
at hmm....
*tag beam gun fully charged*
errrr maybe....
*Warning Tag Beam gun Overloaded*
damm i guess i will just chooose
*Tag Beam Gun Implodes, Destroying everything around it*
Mamamia i see the light!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Unleashing What's Inside

My situation has deteriorated, my inner core has becoming more and more unstable, with no pillar for support, its breaking down fast. I've begun to despise people around me, seeing them makes me feel disgust of some sort, i just wish they vanish, or i just wish i would vanish, either way solves the problem. Hate is such a powerful thing. Its strength is equivalent to that of the so called love, and yet, it grows stronger since u cant actually break it can you? But love, love is like the seed of hate, if u manage to break love, hate is born from it. Beautiful isn't it? Like love, hate is also a a good motivator, because of such hatred, you would do anything for that hatred.

No longer do i remember the time where i last truly enjoyed my life, when was it? Each day i tread this ball of dirt just to reach to the next day again and again. It's sickening, and all along there seems to be nothing to look forward to in the next day. Why hope? Hope that something fun and happy would come along? Hoping that what you hope for will come true? Why bother to hope when most of the time you would just be disappointed. Wake up go class, do assignment, study for test and get the grades that you deserve, why bother whining over low grades, u get what you put into it!

Human will never return to the purity of mind when they were a child, their despicable disgusting creatures that roam this ball of dirt, scraping their way to gain more and more possessions which continues to blind them of what they have become. When was the last time you have a good nice sleep, the kind of sleep you see in babies, puppies and so on, they go on to rest without worrying bout the next day, probably to oblivious to the world around them. But their not to be blamed. Yet, what do YOU think of when you go to bed, probably missing your close ones or worrying bout the upcoming test or what time to wake up for class, need to do assignment the next day. All that i really want is just to be able to sleep like that again, to doze off without a worry in mind. That would not be possible i guess. Even now I'm cursing for the pile of assignments to complete, papers to read, reports to type, projects to complete, tests to study, classes to attend, and not being able to be home while im stuck in this sickening place.

Sometimes i truly wonder is this worth it.

What's the thing that makes you want to wake up in the morning to start another day? Don't give me the alarm clock , sun crap. The thing that makes me wanna wake up and start another forsaken day would be my family, mostly my mom and my grandma, cause i wanna make them happy by seeing their child being able to achieve success. . . in a way, aside from that i duno what do i wake up for.

*<-Fill The Void Within Me->*

Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh well, i'm too bored so im just going to update my blog, been quite long, since the Valentines day post, well, ill start with my CNY, sadly this year's CNY is worst then last year's. All my friends are like stucked overseas and couldnt come back, so i dont have any ppl to gamble with.. aheheh and sumore din really enjoy it cuz most of the time i just rot at home with my ps2 . Lol.

So then after coming back from my break ( CRAP ! ) notice everyone studying hard for their test d, so felt kinda lost and lonely cuz im not studying and no one free to mix around with. oh well i just have to start studying myself i guess, though i dont get it why they dont study together anymore, maybe they found it unproductive.

My first test was horrible, felt so stupid in there, sigh my fault for not studying harder i guess, well i plan to start being serious for my studies but i dont seem to be able to find the mood to do so, i prefer clicking here and there and doing anything just to avoid touching my books.

yesterday i went to ikea with boon tiong and wai si, managed to get sit cushion and a potted money plant ( haha luff ahead i like to see it in my DULL room). Since i got the sit cushion i shifter my bed so that i can put the chair by the table again, sitting on the bed unables me to lean back so its killing my back, now it feels much better to sit by the table.

still though this days my social meter is like in the dumps, havent comunicate with the rest much, most of the time their buzy studying in their own room d, even the 5b gang withdraw back to their rooms. maybe should call own room gang or sumtin. ah well must be a sign from above telling me to conc on my studies d. But i seriously miss hanging out with the rest while we crack dumb stuff at each other and desperately trying to concentrate instead of doing so .

Its no longer so, i guess its better this way . . . in a way, i got a review paper to write and also a report/project to do, and need to study for genetics and buck up my chinese. i guess ill end this here for now. Till the next post.

I stare out my window
and i feel the change in the world.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well It's that time of the year again, Roses Chocolates and hearts everywhere. The day for Love is imminent, ITS VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Couples holding hands, sharing chocolates, exchanging gifts yada yada. Well during this day, through my view, i could separate them into a few groups of people(unmarried ones atleast) :

New Couples: New couples who are going through their first Valentine day, where the couple will most appreciate each other and what they did for each other that day

Old couples : Couple who are having a repeat of the Valentine's day, provided that the year they went through wasn't rough, they might be lovey dovey as before, well if it was rough, quarrels cheatings, unfaithfulness ect, the day might be rather . . .tension

Far Couples: Couples which are two far away to celebrate valentine's day with each other though long term relationship tends to lead to someone going astray
(Thnks Alex For reminding me ^^) *updated*

Single Type A: Having a crush on sumbody and wishing to be together with the person on that day. (Can work both ways if neither has proposed)

Single Type B: The one having a crush on someone but that sum one already has sum one in their mind therefore the one would most likely wear a mask to hide his/her feeling and to hold back the jealousy and the pain

Single Type C: The one which is on a rebound from a relationship or rejected and prefers not to get involve in the lovey dovey stuff for now

Single Type D: The Null person who has no one in their mind but can't help to feel lonely due to the atmosphere around them.

Hmm, currently i would put my self in Type D. At least for now.

Anyway, guys who have been spending their parents money in courting that gf of yours, have you give a thought of giving you mom some valentine as well? She is one of the person who loves you most in this world, why don't take SOME effort and give her what she deserves. A card, a rose or a gift to show how much u appreciate her love and care. And SHE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND !!!