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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

4th %$#^ Warped Portal

Im back in sg, woo wooo wooo, oh well, i came with high spirit and all after i drop from the bus. And when i went to check in my room, guess wat, THEY GAVE ME MY OLD TYPE C ROOM !!! CURSES !!! i was like so damm pissed and angry at them after grabing the keys went to dump my luggage into my "room" and went to R2 lounge to play my ps2. ARGH !!!, had to type letters to the OSA to tell them my problem and it was only around the evening. So after getting my room keys, i went to my room and, ahhh room sweet room. then *click*........ *click* *click**click*. . . . *click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click*
after cursing, told John my prob and he was really kind enuff to let me bunk at his place ^^, Thnx john ^^ your the best. Oh well air con room so i shouldnt complain. Though im in a sleeping bag XD, comfy enuff. i think i stayed there for 7 or 8 days cant remember. Then they finally fixed my room, they also fixed Chau's fan XD and the new fan is damm fast so its damm cooling. Just glad to have my own room back. And then the torment of classes begins T_T

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Time Warped Portal *$#5

This is for New Year and beside saying HAPPY NEW YEAR !
i had another phrase to say, KAI LIN GIMME BACK MY SPRAYING FULL NEW YEAR !!! RWAR !!!!! there was ferdy oso btw, watched movie, but sumone PPK use == *hint hint*
May my 2007 Be better then 2006, but i know that its gonna be worst == cuz im aledi in 2007 and it started badly. RAWR !!!

Time Portal?! 2

This is where i blog about the trip to KL XD
was a great trip, went there and meet up with the rest, and finally get to meet John Chan and Syen again, Weeeeeeeeeeeee had and amazing first day( details in my mind, talk to me if ya wanna know) and bunked at John's place, John's place main attraction was, well besides John XD, NEGIMA !!! wooooooo i had to resist not reading all of them, though i was like halfway through the collection, so can get some sleep for the next day. The second day was mostly spent on ice skating. and met up with Y2 today. Syen and John din wana ice skate though, and we ( Xander me and Carly) gotta teach Ryan Lin and Alpha how to skate. I din knoe teaching could be such fun experience. Though i myself crash into 2 Female, One was a chick, NOT ON PURPOSE ! and the other was a little girl that appeared out of no where( in other words i was dreaming) and i fell on the ice while stoping her from dropping. I think i fell 3 times that day. Ryan learns fast though XD guess he dares to try alot. Lin and Alpha more cautious, Alpha nver fell the entire day, i think, No Fair >_>, But i think i recall Ryan falling superman style, or was it just me dreaming ? We also did went around shopping mall.... actually lemme rephrase that, we went to Shopping malls the entire trip. as far as i remember, there was coffee bean too, or was it starbucks? ah well, bunked at James the second day and the third day was just to slack till we go back XD.
(Sorry no pics)

Time Portal? 1

THE GANG COMES TO PENANG!!!, well at least maybe most of the gang.
Went with Lin to pick them up from the bus station at Pesta, I went in Lin’s car and meet up with ChuYin ( has this nick came up by then? ) and Charming at McD (I think). Anyway Vrooom we go to pick them up, and there was Xander, Chau, Ryan (at this point his still free from the lameness disease) and Jean (correct spelling?) ,Alpha and Alichun ? (ChuYin how to spell Alichen’s name?) I think that’s all. Correct? should be, if got sumone missing then im dead. @@ . Anyway, first day went to laksa( and im sure u would know who wont be eating laksa =_=.) but I din had cuz was kinda full. Come to think of it, the reason I was full was becuz of Kai Lin’s evil plot of taking me to lunch before picking them up . RAWRRR!!!! . Then … wat happened? I remember we go to Penang Hill after that, but in between.. |BLANK| So penang hill, same o same o, was kinda funny to see them taking pictures of penang while the mist was clear, seems like whenever they want to take, the mist would appear again XD, took some nice picks around there XD . But Mr Lazyness don’t feel like posting them… yet. Oh just in case your wondering, guys and girls stayed diff ( besides CM XD, his excluded ) Houses XD for the first two days. The last day we all bunked at ChuYin’s Bro’s place. Continuing, we had dinner at that hawker stall near BJ one, ITS NOT MY FAULT IM BAD AT MEMORISING NAMES!!!. The its another |BLANK| what did we do after dinner @@. The next day… In truth its still kinda blurry, Im gonna let MR LAZYNESS take it from here. Taking to much energy to recall and retype. In total there was 3 days in PENANG ! LOLZ

(hate me I knoe ^_^)

Sorry For The Unupdatedness

HILO !!!!
I'm sure many blog readers got herm, iritated at my site for not being updated for so long XD
i mean , it hasnt been updated since when.. since i got back to penang, that around 2 months already O_O
Can't blame me, well maybe u can blame my Lazyness, BUTS ITS NOT ME !!! ITS HIS FAULT!!
to make up for this, i will try post according to what i would have posted if i updated the blog frequently XD
So Sit back, Relax, and wait a little longer XD