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Sunday, December 10, 2006


I am Hooooooommmeeeeeeeeeee
Soree bout the late blog update, i was too lazy to blog after exams, wanted to enjoy the time to the max u knoe XD. home i am then from SG to PG on bus. Came home together with Kai Lin. Stupid bus dunno why took such a long time to reach back. 9 !!! 9 !!! thatz two hours late. sigh. anyway home d. need to enjoy. though my hope of going down to kl for christmas vanished when i reached home and asked. apparently i got some important events on 23 and 24. sigh soree Kai Lin, mite not be able to follow u down to KL d. anyway, ITS PENANG !!! i cant wait to go queensbay to shop !! though my aunt wanted to bring me there but i was just too damm lazy and tired and wanted my bed.
today after i reach back, i EAT !!! YESH !!! then i EAT sumore then i sleep then EAT ! then meditate then eat.... crap, if this goes on i definately gonna end up fat. tatz all for now, mc d getting cold >.< ahahahah