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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Drift, drift, drift....
not the Tokyo Drift kinda drift though, the drift in relations. Just finish stats(i hope) so wana crap here awhile before i oinks. Drift, sumhow i just feel im drifting away from ppl around me. it just feels different now. everything is different. maybe im changing, maybe its just me. i duno. but all i knoe is i dun like the feeling. feeling lonely yet again. i guess it happens, seems its so near exam and all. but, why doesnt it feel the same anymore, how can a few days change so much. did i did something wrong? i mistake i never realise. i just want things as before. where i felt like i belong. maybe that was just my illusion that i feel like i belong, longing to have a place to belong cause my mind to create an illusion i did. then again my mind wasnt alright from the start. i guess im thinking too much. happens, happens before itll happen again .

still, i wish it is real, a place to belong,

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Fluffy logic posts gotta hold for awhile, ohwell those post are about wat's going on deep in my mind anyway and i doubt anyone reads this blog so ill just put in on hold for awhile

Test are looming near and im still not ready yet, there is still a report, presentation and CA test to do. Sighh and i just finish a report and a term paper only, dead tired. and as usual, socialmeter is still low. i guess everyone is just too busy this days. well some have other problems that adds to their burden, be it relationship or sumtin else. everyone has their burdens to carry. it gets tired doesnt it? i still seek to find the place where even just for awhile, i can remove this burden and the masks that i wear, it gets heavy u knoe.
Another crappy thing is im addicted to Shaman King, at this time near exam, not good, totally not good. for sum reason i feel the world is quite empty this days, plain. where have all the colours gone. guess its been suck into the oblivion known as examination.
It feels as if things are drifting away, change is occuring again. i duno wether is for the best or worst, that only time could tell.
hey, what happend to that smile of urs, the one the lights up my day, won't you share ur problems with me and lets step forward together