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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Ivory Throne Of Mine

I sit on my throne of ivory and ponder,
What would happen today I wonder,
While I wonder in this mind,
I cleanse this body of mine.

In this chamber where I am king,
None dare to bother even when I sing,
Some scrolls I did unroll,
while I wonder why is the world so cold.

Reside in here I can no longer,
No more time left for me to ponder,
There is much work to conquer,
With haste I left. . . and forgot the water.

( XP )

Monday, March 19, 2007

New song, this song seriously touches me, makes me think back on all the frens that i had and drifted apart due to distance and different study streams, sigh, misses the good old days, listen to it, then tell me what emotion did the song induce it ya, to me was sadness and all the more reason to cherish my friends

Friday, March 16, 2007

A good song will induce alot of emotions in you, where you can feel the type of emotion the song is trying to portray, this song reached me, im SURE you have heard of it before, but listen to it again, it some sort revitalize my torn being abit. Enjoyz. Press Play. heee

"I that you could be whatever you wanted to be,If you could realise all the dream you have inside."

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well Because Syen said im not allowed to deflect the TAG RAY back to her, heres 6 unique things about me.

1) I LOVE DOGS !! I'm crazy over them, generally i'm not afraid of dogs unless their the type which has been train to guard the house and attack strangers, cant blame them if they attack me, its their job ^^. and i sometimes DO feel dogs are better then men (place proud emo here)

2) I seem to have an addiction towards instant noodle, i'm not sure i eat them because im hungry anymore, i eat them because i WANT to eat them. . . maybe got drugs inside >_>

3) Me love RPG games, i can go on and on about an RPG game that i like and played, all the better if sumone also played and we got stuffs to discuss, XD RPG GAME ROCKS !!!!Its like an adventurous story book XD

4) I always wish i would grow taller XD, this must be induce by my brother, the fact that i have to "look up" to him makes me grrrrrrrr, not that we are having a bad relationship or sumtin, more like sibling rivalry, im sur some of ya would understand ^^

5) I day dream about creating stuffs, ranging from might be useful if i were able to do it stuff to nonsense stuff like creating new character for an anime along with their power and all.

6) I wear a mask all the while so no one will know who i really am. Muhahaahahaha.

I tag. . .
*aims tag beam gun*
at hmm....
*tag beam gun fully charged*
errrr maybe....
*Warning Tag Beam gun Overloaded*
damm i guess i will just chooose
*Tag Beam Gun Implodes, Destroying everything around it*
Mamamia i see the light!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Unleashing What's Inside

My situation has deteriorated, my inner core has becoming more and more unstable, with no pillar for support, its breaking down fast. I've begun to despise people around me, seeing them makes me feel disgust of some sort, i just wish they vanish, or i just wish i would vanish, either way solves the problem. Hate is such a powerful thing. Its strength is equivalent to that of the so called love, and yet, it grows stronger since u cant actually break it can you? But love, love is like the seed of hate, if u manage to break love, hate is born from it. Beautiful isn't it? Like love, hate is also a a good motivator, because of such hatred, you would do anything for that hatred.

No longer do i remember the time where i last truly enjoyed my life, when was it? Each day i tread this ball of dirt just to reach to the next day again and again. It's sickening, and all along there seems to be nothing to look forward to in the next day. Why hope? Hope that something fun and happy would come along? Hoping that what you hope for will come true? Why bother to hope when most of the time you would just be disappointed. Wake up go class, do assignment, study for test and get the grades that you deserve, why bother whining over low grades, u get what you put into it!

Human will never return to the purity of mind when they were a child, their despicable disgusting creatures that roam this ball of dirt, scraping their way to gain more and more possessions which continues to blind them of what they have become. When was the last time you have a good nice sleep, the kind of sleep you see in babies, puppies and so on, they go on to rest without worrying bout the next day, probably to oblivious to the world around them. But their not to be blamed. Yet, what do YOU think of when you go to bed, probably missing your close ones or worrying bout the upcoming test or what time to wake up for class, need to do assignment the next day. All that i really want is just to be able to sleep like that again, to doze off without a worry in mind. That would not be possible i guess. Even now I'm cursing for the pile of assignments to complete, papers to read, reports to type, projects to complete, tests to study, classes to attend, and not being able to be home while im stuck in this sickening place.

Sometimes i truly wonder is this worth it.

What's the thing that makes you want to wake up in the morning to start another day? Don't give me the alarm clock , sun crap. The thing that makes me wanna wake up and start another forsaken day would be my family, mostly my mom and my grandma, cause i wanna make them happy by seeing their child being able to achieve success. . . in a way, aside from that i duno what do i wake up for.

*<-Fill The Void Within Me->*

Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh well, i'm too bored so im just going to update my blog, been quite long, since the Valentines day post, well, ill start with my CNY, sadly this year's CNY is worst then last year's. All my friends are like stucked overseas and couldnt come back, so i dont have any ppl to gamble with.. aheheh and sumore din really enjoy it cuz most of the time i just rot at home with my ps2 . Lol.

So then after coming back from my break ( CRAP ! ) notice everyone studying hard for their test d, so felt kinda lost and lonely cuz im not studying and no one free to mix around with. oh well i just have to start studying myself i guess, though i dont get it why they dont study together anymore, maybe they found it unproductive.

My first test was horrible, felt so stupid in there, sigh my fault for not studying harder i guess, well i plan to start being serious for my studies but i dont seem to be able to find the mood to do so, i prefer clicking here and there and doing anything just to avoid touching my books.

yesterday i went to ikea with boon tiong and wai si, managed to get sit cushion and a potted money plant ( haha luff ahead i like to see it in my DULL room). Since i got the sit cushion i shifter my bed so that i can put the chair by the table again, sitting on the bed unables me to lean back so its killing my back, now it feels much better to sit by the table.

still though this days my social meter is like in the dumps, havent comunicate with the rest much, most of the time their buzy studying in their own room d, even the 5b gang withdraw back to their rooms. maybe should call own room gang or sumtin. ah well must be a sign from above telling me to conc on my studies d. But i seriously miss hanging out with the rest while we crack dumb stuff at each other and desperately trying to concentrate instead of doing so .

Its no longer so, i guess its better this way . . . in a way, i got a review paper to write and also a report/project to do, and need to study for genetics and buck up my chinese. i guess ill end this here for now. Till the next post.

I stare out my window
and i feel the change in the world.