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Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's like a cycle, things keep repeating, though not exactly the same
there are always the similarities.
Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset
Classes assignments reports tests
sleep wakeup eat sleep
on and on and on
well this are the things that we dont really have to bother to knoe it is a cycle.

But pause and think
wat about the ones around us, sure u might just say their going through the same thing
as usual,
yet, do you no notice the changes in them
or do u choose to be just ignorant.
There are those that need us when we are
in the midst of doing our work.
no matter how busy you are, things around u continues to change,
there is no pause button, that allows u continue from where u stopped.
The me you know yesterday is not the me you know today.

Yet, some ppl views things like a cycle, like:
Oh shes doing that again,
it's one of his emo periods, he will get over it one day.

STOP and consider, you are something tangible to them,
things you do DOES effect them,
no matter how small it is,
A simple hi and goodnite,
a listening ear.
Things that we could do that can change how a person's cycle is
NEI, it is not a cycle, its a path. We are not in a cycle.
Things that has past will nvr occur again,
"shes always emo one" and "it's his emo period again"
if you already KNOW it is repetitive,
yet u let it repeat.
Maybe its you that is the missing link, that can stop the repetition.
(or worsen it depending on your actions)
But standing by idly does not aid.
Do something, at least try.
It is not easy to understand a person's heart.
But it is still doable.


A heart, filled with feelings and emotions,
Yet, unable to open itself to others,
Chained and locked by fear, pride and distrust.
It longs to share what that is within,
Always hoping that one day the key would come,
To unlock and release it from the heavy rusty chains....

~Spare me just a small part of your life~

Monday, October 15, 2007

Heart Art- Heart

When you too much free time (due to procrastination) what do you do?
Me i doodle. Below are my recent doodles in what state could a person heart be in.
inspired through observation from people around me and myself .

So which kinda heart is yours, though normally comprise of a few of the states.
okay, i oni doodled two here , more will come soon . Ahaha...
Thorn Heart
A heart full of love and care, a blossom for the other,
Yet the yearning binds and constricts, bleeding itself , hurting.
This heart wants to offer all the love it can, but it also forms
thorn vines that binds and constrict itself, resulting in feelings
of constraint and ache.
Frost Heart
A fragile, cold heart, formed from the loss of love
the lack of love turns the heart cold and empty,
ever yearning for the warmth of love.
But yet, fragile, easily smashed into shards,

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nei... I'm lost...

Where am i going? I dunno... do you..? Would you kindly tell me if you do ?
Most probably you dont know too...
Thatz okay, ill just take another step forward.
Where to ?
Good question...
Lets see...where am i ...
Im standing, in a barren place, no home here i guess.
Kinda drizzling abit too, though there some warmth along with it.
This warmth, it feels really nice ^^, but somehow i sense it fleeting away...
hmm. the rain might get heavier if that happens i guess.
The winds are blowing kinda rough, guess must be those times.
Whats this? Ouh a frozen shard...It feels cold,
yet i feel like this belongs to me.
Guess ill keep it close, maybe one day it will thaw.
Hmm, quite cloudy, not surprise, since its drizzling after all.
Oh, theres an oasis there... seems like a mirage though...
the warmth also seems to becoming from there too...
hmm... maybe i should head there? i don't seem to have any other direction anyway...
other paths? hmm maybe if i see something interesting along the way.
The sky looks violent there though, maybe it will clear
by the time i reach there.
Besides, i would like to enjoy this warmth for a little longer
Ah well, i better get moving, nothing to do here anyway,
what about ya? care to join in my travel..?
emm, guess you have your own path to walk huh...?
Is there anyone else with me? Oh, well you here for now.
Thats counted too rite ^^.
Would i be alright? Haha, don't worry,
I am kinda use to walking alone. . .
besides, you can never really know what lies ahead can you?
guess thats what makes each step count.
well then i should get going now, i pray our path cross again one day.
Safe journey to you too.
**Takes another step forward to the warmth. . . .**
:---:~{Overlaying Dreams Upon Reality}~:---: