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Friday, September 26, 2008

Holi holi over :(

Here i am typing again.

well i have nothing intelligent to type, so guess ill just write on my holidays.

firstly, i did alot of baking this holiday.
out of the 7 days that i have been in penang i baked on 4 of them.

3 batch of bread and 1 butter cake.

duno why the craze but its better then just lying around to rot at home.
oso ive grown addicted to the song: Kimi wa Tomodachi by Ken Hirai

The song has beautiful lyrics on friendship and also it is performed using A Cappella.

soo anyway. getting back to wat the holidays is about.

To most of us i means getting back and spending the long overdued time with family.
to some it would be the time to spend on projects and extra classes
to some it would also be spend for mugging on the coming CA next week.

well may all of you have the time you need :)

.... seriously though i forgotten how to blog...
wat to write ... sighh.
im feeling sorry for the readers now since they would be reading my mumbling junks.

oh ya ! some thing to look forward(maybe not) to during the coming week !!
its that vegetarian time of year again =.=|||

ahahhaha.... urghh.
its gonna be hard to follow since well, skool food dont have the proper vegetarian
food that i need. guess ill just have to change my diet. gonna be stocking up on food
when i get back on sunday. need alot of fruits and milk if i am ever gonna get through this :S

wish me luck i guess.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Olympic Games 2008 !!!

In response to the upcoming olympic games, heres a beutiful song from da previous olympic game,
olympic game 1996 to be exact =) Enjoy

Deep within each heart
There lies a magic spark
That lights the fire of our imagination
And since the dawn of man
The strenght of just "I can"
Has brought together people of all nations

There’s nothing ordinary
In the living of each day
There’s a special part
Every one of us will play

Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to the power of the dream
As the world gives us its best
To stand apart from all the rest
It is the power of the dream that brings us here

Your mind will take you far
The rest is just pure heart
You’ll find your fate is all your own creation
Every boy and girl
As they come into this world
They bring the gift of hope and inspiration

Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to the power of the dream
The world unites in hope and peace
We pray that it will always be
It is the power of the dream that brings us here

There’s so much strength in all of us
Every woman child and man
It’s the moment that you think you can’t
You’ll discover that you can

Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to the power of the dream
The world unites in hope and peace
We pray that it will always be
It is the power of the dream that brings us here

Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to the power of the dream
The world unites in hope and peace
We pray that it will always be
It is the power of the dream that brings us

The power of the dream
The faith in things unseen
The courage to embrace your fear
No matter where you are
To reach for your own star
To realize the power of the dream
To realize the power of the dream

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who ???

Da big dillema !

most ppl are either dumb founded by it or feign ingnorance (atleast the ppl around my age lah)

have u discovered who u are? well i havent
i notice that among different ppl, i act differently. most obvious when i compare when im in pg and when im in sg .

so who the hell am i ? so many diff personalities but which is da centre? hmm
hard question no ?

also how emotions can quickly change ppl especially LOVE.
love dumfounds everyone typically. (Its still an unknown chemical reaction being figured out by several scientists)
so lets leave it to them and address da issue in this blog yes?

who are you ?
are you wat u think u are?
but always remember who you think you are is not what others think you are.
so how do you define yourself, is it from the perception of others? or is it from how you percieve yourself?
or isit both ? though if you consider both, then you would not have a solid fact as both mite contradict.

okay.. im confusing myself. mustt ........avoid....confusionn.. and lostt... of ..identity.y........

yea so think bout it. maybe we should figure out who we are before we start figuring others out ya?

kudos. and Welcome to post 69. in the honour of this post lets put a picture of 69 here. Heres an enlightening picture of wat the hell is 69 for you innocent ppl out there. seriously ur innocence is just ignorance and not purity k !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


OMGWTFBBQ aka Oh My God/Gosh, Wat The Fuck BarBeQue
wat a nice phrase to describe surprise yes?

Well maybe the following picture will giv u dat expression:
or ... maybe not

Blonds have more fun yes?? LOL

so anyway
Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan
is a nice anime to watch, short, oni 27 eps. but damm nice ! UBER EPICNESS !!
ull knoe wat i mean if u watch ^^


blond has more fun no ??

Friday, July 11, 2008

neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon!!!

Well some of those who have been reading my nick in gtalk been asking:

what is "neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon?"

well most of u would think neo armstrong......neil armstrong? da astronaut?
well at least da cannon part is accurate, its a cannon. but i dun think it has any relation with him
well not totally unrelated....... ull see wat i mean. unless he is not a he


okay okay like i said its a cannon and a pwerful one at tat here is a snow replica of neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon!!!
see see its a cannon !! and according to history its been used in wars etc etc

wat ? too small and too blur ? kk heres another bigger pic of
neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon!!!
Shiny !!! LOL
there u have it, that is the NEIL ARMSTRONG CYCLONE JET ARMSTRONG CANNON !!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008



well not tat i hoping it to die. if it dies ill be reall really bored.. close to a zombie on a bed.
soo lets see... wat do we have here......
blablabla leg(stupid syen & leo) blablablba laptop room..boring... blablablba suyin blabla love from anoher POV...... you guys reallly dun give me much choice huh

well i guess its oni Love from another POV......btw POV = point of view for those who duno and too shy to ask because ur scared to look stupid.

okay.. since my shows are loading (EXTREMELY SLOWLY) guess i could crap abit bout tat

Lets see love from another pov...
but from wat pov? God? doG?
I knoe ! GOLDFISH !!!

soo blluubb bluuub bloob, bllub bluoop
bllooop bllup bllllooooop BlllooooPP

okay tat aint working
i have no idea how goldfish ticks. so lets get to the apes(human) again.

well xander ur partly correct bout tat i dun have anything else to say on tat matter
love tat is.
but then i realise i was talking all along bout pre relations instead of ongoing relations

Oooh Oooh too make this abiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit more intresting lets see which is worst, or atleast think its worst.
1. getting rejected after confession
2. breaking up(mutual) after a relationship (NOT SEX) ~well if u din enjoyed da sex u should breakup, jk jk, just get a karma sutra.
3. getting dumped
4. caught ur partner cheating on u
5. I duno, im single and im too lazy to guess.

well let da polls roll ~~~~
roll roll roll da polls gently down da ... pole?

the poles are on ur right
if u duno which is right or left folllow da arrow below
if u dunno wat is an arrow, go bang ur head on the wall closest to you.

koff koff
so anyway back to the topic.
so hows love during a relationship
well this vary like hell really @@
okay fine theres oni one Hell so it cant very tat much.
so this vary like the types on bacteria on ur feet.

u can spot those lovey dovey i love u forever kinda couples that goes extremely strong
at the start but most of the time the love dies out fast, probably get bored of each other O_O (not cursing anyone here so dun perah santan)

or those that are too shy to admit at all till a certain period of time have passed then oni come out of the closet . .. well coming out of the closest normaly used for ppl to admit their gay les transexual the works, but this works too :D

and also those who are like to close frens which get ever closer and closer till their hands connect, then their lips and then their..... woah look at da time, better continue.

well my point is that, there a varieties of relationships and u shunt (there such a word?) base ur on wat u see on others. and more importantly keep a free mind~NVR imagine wat a relationship should be like. Such as by so and so we should hold hands and be kissing, we should be able to talk freely bout our sex life, we would be cuddling day and nite blablabla. keep it free man =.= or woman, and dont be the type that gives gives gives and dont take .

okay da last statement would be WTFBBQ ???!!! for sum
wat i meant was, some ppl in a relationship keeps giving until they forget to take in wat the other trying to give/tell back. example buy presents, give kisses (the smooch or da chocolate, ur choice) take out eat etc. but maybe all they(the other) wants is for u too understand and listen. such as how their day has been, bitchy boss, sucky lecturer etc. wat their thinking blablabla.and then respond to tat ( dun ask me how @.@ it seems if u give a nonchalant reply, get ready for a looooooooooong one) u could lie tat u care when u really dont too. better then telling it out rite. then tat would just trigger emoness bomb to erupt. emo emo emo

well seriously i dun have much idea in a serious relationship, nvr been into one. so i would prefer to stop there. rather not write more trash later kena blame by ppl then matis.

until next time i guess...
think i should write bout ppl around love birds huh? those tat wants to shoot the birds down and those that wants to feed them.

sayur mana !

Monday, July 07, 2008

Boredom hits in twos

Yooo.... here i am again....... bored.
the diffrent thing today is...
im bored and i duno wat to crap about.
so i need a little help. put up topics tat u would like to hear my crap about and
ill choose one of them (persuming there is more then one) and well
crap about it.

readers do drop a topic or two, presumable things events wateva except ppl. ppl for example giving me names such as suyin , leo, kai lin etc. cant crap bout ppl. cuz well their ppl =.=|||

off i go to dwell in boredom toodles,

PS: dropping da topics would oso let me knoe who reads this blog ^^V

Saturday, July 05, 2008


so my baby cousins, aka fish .
Went to a fish spa ! family outing.

no its not a spa that u bring fishes to have them unwind, u go there and well get serviced by fish.
now dont get any funny iideas from tat statement, by service mean they clean u up, well
in this case , just ur leg/feet.

it cost RM18 for half and hour, mum's treat.
sorry but the oni pics i have from there are my feet, so yea, ur gonna be seeing pictures of my feet, deal with it :P

Here comes da SWARM ! da above pic is just when i dunk my leg into da
then they seem to love my leg and their number increased:
from wat i learn, the fishes mostly eat/feed on ur legs and well dun really like/attracted to other parts of ur body, so this spas normally let u place ur feet in since its redundant to immerse ur whole self. there are others that let u dunk ur whole bod in though, but at least none found in pg so far.

At this point my aunt was complaining that im stealing all the fishes away from her, she had little fish. though i was thinking ur legs are too clean d and mine is full of dead skin >_> yea the fishes are feeding off the dead skin from ur legs, especially the feet.

Intresting experience, ticklish but also relaxing. gotta try if ya nvr tried. little fish mouth massaging and cleaning ur leg, cool !

if any of u going near about commenting on da leg hair , don't cuz my reply would just be :
and ill ignore ur existance for 5 minutes !!! hurr hurr

Thursday, July 03, 2008

ahh full....

Now that my fuel tank is loaded up , lets see where was i
ahh yes, the issue bout love,

lets continue, lets look at certain animals
(those that wanna argue humans and animals are two totally seperate categories ... as far as im concern, your (we) are just monkeys in my eyes.)
ps:dun start the creation mambo here either =.=

looking at animals, we could see that animals who stick which each other (e.g humans) tend to take care of their young. while others dat breed and byebye such as turtles/uukuai/(no kai lin not included in this category) dun stick with each other.

therefore there should be an inbuilt instinct in these animals tat tells them to STAY like monkeys, sum birds etc. which would be the evolutionary source of LOVE? intresting yesh ?
those who dont, I HATE JOO !!!
jk jk

anyhoo imagine if we have da instinct of a turtle(again not lin~dun lah bully him) we would rush to da nearest female on heat, plant our seeds and go byebye. but this wont bode well since oni 1 baby not hundreds, so to ensure our seeds grow up and come outta da oven/incubator/mother/pls girls dun kill me im oni joking here :P we aid in the upbringing of the child.

okay sien d, lets look at another point of view, wat bout gays lesbians bisexuals etc?
well from wat i knoe, gay relationships are harder to last since we got two seeders on each other so lust>love (males have to admit it that we cant function without sex, its in our genes :D)
and lesbians tend to have least breakups compare to gays, err not so sure if compared to straights though @.@

so lets come back again to relationships
the start of one
when guy likes girl, girl likes guy but duno tat first guy likes girl and 2nd guy dun like girl
(seriously this tends to happen alot LOL)
biggest prob here tends to be courage/fear actually , well guys mite not wana show/tell/admit/sms/email first because their just afraid to "lose" the girl and therfore when another guy goes after da girl first, due to our human law, we end up welling the whole issue into ourselves and become and emo time bomb since we cant release it and hammer da other male into da earth for approaching our potential mate ( what ? ITS TRUE ! less she is infertile but would still be a "mate' )

as for girls ~ ............. honestly sumone enlighten me how gals function, seriously a mistery >_>. cant blame them, their hormones are very unstable relative to guys .
to save me the misery i shall skip this part. dangerous yes ? when u writing bout sumting u have no idea on O_O

wat i knoe is YES girl do go gah gah when they see a potential mate(hot guys) as this translates tat the guy carry good genes for our offsprings. wether they get erection anot i duno ask them. my guess is unlikely, most likely just develop lust/love to the mate . guys when see hot girls get erection cuz biologically we can put our poles into da holes, and well females cant put holes onto a slag pole yes?

thus they have rituals in order to attract more mates (females oso want their genes pass down u knoe !!! u selfish guys who think other way !!!) well rituals being ................. figure it out urself =.= im just too lazy(scared) to write here

bleah, so wat i can say is take ur chances instead of regretting it later, seriously if u cant get means u cant get its better to get it over with instead of longing it secretly in ur heart while u think its a secret almost da whole world knoes d. we got mouth eyes and the internet, rite?
if by getting rejected leads to the other avoiding u and disliking u, well in truth they would not make a good friend anyway if their like tat. good riddance ! .. how u spell ridance... think its riddance.

warning: if you feel offended reading my posts, do not read it since ur just offending urself if u read it. press tat cross button on da top right ! err mac users got a red button ?

Dogs are Mens best friends, amen to that ! WOOF !

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yellow!!! Yet Another Sunrise

Hi there fellow ppls, yet another good afternoon.
Wassup guys/gals, or wassdown for those in emo mood.
sky is clear, sunny afternoon.

Well i guess most of you would have guessed for there to be a post here means tat im bored
well, partly true. Cuz as of yesterday, i drained my main antiboredom resorces.

I finished all my House M.D. series, which is 3 full seasons plus season 4 1-9.
WoW... yea i still play,, but this early to play is boring since there is not much ppl in WoW
around this timing.

So here i am blogging. !!!SHOCK!!!

i noticed my blogstlye is kinda erratic.... maybbe tat could be an understatement so anyhoos..
ppl tend to blog bout sumting ... well u cant blog bout nothing could u ? well actually u can if u start to argue about the defination of nothing blablabla.

most blog bout their life events i guess, sum bout their feeling (RESPECT ! i can nvr seem to be able to write down my feelings for the entire world to see properly)

Soo...... wat should this blog post b?

Lets see,
wat can this twisted mind think of ^^~i like to faint insanity (maybe i am O_O) cuz it gives a wild new perspective

Lets talk bout LoVe

Is love but a chemical reaction in da brain ?
watched House and there was an episode where a girl fall in love due to
sum kinda spore in her brain.
makes u think huh ? LOVE POTION EXISTS !!!!

So Why LovE is there, (my point of view)
from a scientific point of view ~ to prevent extinction?
From Religious point of view ~ to preserve creation? (note: love for God is NOT the same)
ps: dun crucify me >.<

does it exist in animals? probably~ most likely in mammals oni though,
our bbrain is da most simalar to each other. cant see it in insects fish etc.

heres da funny thing bout love

normal human reaction to pain would be to avoid it.
so : human + pain = human distancing from pain

but when u put Love inside

Human + (love+pain) = stupid human who lust for more of it

funny how tat works

sure there are those who go : ILL NVR FALL IN LOVE AGAIN !!! which is total BS
sooner or later gonna happen again.

of course when im writing this im not thinking it through just typing wat comes to mind.

when thers love of course we cant negate jealousy,
the chemical reaction that is green.
viewing it from a evolutionary point of view, its a feeling that compels u to get wat u want/need
so why do we get angry when we see our gf get close to another guy?
same reason as why a gorilla bashes the other gorilla for going near his mate.

so ...............

im hungry, gonna continue it sum other time >_>

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lyrics From The Portal ~ Gan Lae Gan

ถ้าบอกว่าเพลงนี้แต่งให้เธอ เธอจะเชื่อไหม
taa bok waa pleng nee dtaeng hai ter ter ja cheua mai
If I said that this song is made for you, would you believe it?

man aat mai pror mai seung mai suay ngaam meuan pleng tua bpai
It's probably not melodious, not affectionate, not beautiful like other songs.

อยากให้รู้ว่าเพลงรัก ถ้าไม่รักก็เขียนไม่ได้
yaak hai roo waa pleng rak taa mai rak gor kian mai daai
I want you to know that if there's no love, you can't write a love song.

แต่กับเธอคนดีรู้ไหม ฉันเขียนอย่างง่าย...ดาย
dtae gap ter kon dee roo mai chan kian yaang ngaai ... daai
But for you, my dear, do you know? I wrote it easily.

ter kong koie dai-yin pleng rak maa nap roi pan
You've probably heard hundreds and thousands of love songs

man aat ja dohn jai
that's probably impressive

dtae gor mee kwaam maai meuan-meuan gan dtae taa ter fang pleng nee
but with a similar meaning altogether, but if you listen to this song,

pleng tee kian peua ter tao nan
a song that's written simply for you.

peua ter kao jai kwaam maai laew jai ja daai mee gan lae gan
For you to understand the meaning of it, our hearts will then have a connection.

ให้มันเป็นเพลงบนทางเดินเคียง ที่จะมีเพียงเสียงเธอกับฉัน
hai man bpen pleng bon taang dern kiang tee ja mee piang siang ter gap chan
Let it be a song on our pathways that consist only voices of you and me.

yoo duay gan dtraap naan-naan
Together as long as possible.

dang nai jai kwaam bok nai ga-wee waa dtraap dai tee mee rak yom mee wang
As the meaning is told in a poetry that as long as there's love naturally there's hope.

คือทุกครั้งที่รักของเธอส่องใจ ฉันมีปลายทาง
keu took krang tee rak kong ter song jai chan mee bplaai taang
Means whenever your love shines through the heart, I have a goal.

mee kwaam jing yoo nai kwaam rak dtang maak maai
There is a lot of facts found in love,

lae tee paan maa chan chai way-laa peua haa kwaam maai
and in the past I used the time for the sake of finding the meaning.

แต่ไม่นานก็เพิ่งรู้ เมื่อทุกครั้งที่มีเธอใกล้
dtae mai naan gor perng roo meua took krang tee mee ter glai
But soon, I'd just know it, whenever you are near me,

ว่าถ้าชีวิตคือทำนอง เธอก็เป็นดังคำร้องที่เพราะและซึ้งจับใจ
waa taa chee-wit keu tam nong ter gor bpen dang kam rong tee pror lae seung jap jai
That if life's a rhythm, you are the lyrics that makes it beautiful.

ให้มันเป็นเพลงบนทางเดินเคียง ที่จะมีเพียงเสียงเธอกับฉัน
hai man bpen pleng bon taang dern kiang tee ja mee piang siang ter gap chan
Let it be a song on our pathways that consist only voices of you and me.

yoo duay gan dtraap naan-naan
Together as long as possible.

dang nai jai kwaam bok nai ga-wee waa dtraap dai tee mee rak yom mee wang
As the meaning is told in a poetry that as long as there's love naturally there's hope.

คือทุกครั้งที่รักของเธอส่องใจ ฉันมีปลายทาง
keu took krang tee rak kong ter song jai chan mee bplaai taang
Means whenever your love shines through the heart, I have a goal.

มีทางเดินให้เราเดินเคียง และมีเสียงของเธอกับฉัน
mee taang dern hai rao dern kiang lae mee siang kong ter gap chan
There's a pathway for us to walk side by side and there are voices of you and me.

มีทางเดินให้เราเดินร่วมเคียง และมีเสียงของเธอกับฉัน
mee taang dern hai rao dern ruam kiang lae mee siang kong ter gap chan
There's a pathway for us to walk side by side and there are voices of you and me.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Friends Through Time

As time flies through the branches
green leaves becomes rotten.
Will you leave your past memories
and friends be forgotten?

There has been joy
there has been tears.
But will you end up alone
living in a world full of fears?

Some seek to manipulate
some seek to mend.
The most important question is :
what do you seek in a friend?

A true friend is irreplaceable
a person who understands you.
Would you trade them for a pot of gold
and abandon what they done for you?

Time is a cruel thing
it breaks up relationships and brings pain to thee.
What will you do if it happens,
seek to mend it or let it be?

Cherish the things friends do for you
Remember the times when your with your friends
Let it be ups and downs
For the experiences you have been through shall be a lesson
One that cannot be obtained through a lecture
And let the lesson be remembered
Until your final heart-beat

Learn you must that in life you must not be alone
or else it wouldnt be life at all
It will be an empty husk of a once rich seed
waiting to be blown away by time at fall.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yo Ho Ho to Emptiness

Yo Ho Ho
Supreme Boredom Has Succesfully Drive Me Here To This Blog Again

So I guess The common question would be:
What's Up?

Well The Ceiling i guess =.=
well actually Infusion 2008 performance has just finish
though personally, i feel that nothing much have occured
nothing big, nothing significant.
I duno why but things seems to be so "empty" to me
lately, any idea guys?
Lets not go to try a new perspective nonsense,

My life is Summarized into:

Sigh, i always hoped theres sumtin more to this
but i cant find any
Think i should start a hobby or sumtin >_>
but things im intrested in i have no funds T_T

Fun, Excitement, Surprise
This elements are missing from my life.
Well, i gain sum of that via the Anime and Mangas
but sumtimes realife ones are more ... real.
Time shall take its course i guess,
Everythings Feels so...

PS: im not in a down mood or anything, so dont worry guys
just wana write on how i view things lately