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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dead Blog

Dead Blog

Its just that conveniently im just too busy to update it. Labs UFO etc
today had a hella a time with da freshies
dey damm great bunch ni XD
i would say that i would upload pictures and all that
onto this blog, but preferably
how bout a video instead ^^
thats right u read correctly
I Wang Jun Yen
(btw James, this is how u spell my name ni)
Promise that i will upload a video of the recent events onto this blog XD
gimme... 1 week like that can ?
lets see
its a good bargain ma
if a picture is worth a thousand words
then imagine a video containing ALOT of pictures
with comments to boot !!!

Fluffy Logic Portal
Coming Soon To

Written By : Wang Jun Yen
Directed by: Wang Jun Yen
Dedicated to: ALL OF MY MSL FRIENDS !!!
I love you guys/gals
( just incase got ppl think im sexist)

( i think by now James can remember my name d and spell it oso hor ?)