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Saturday, October 28, 2006


I shall unfluffyfy this post to show my appreciation.

since im so mutated and moved to knoe how to write this post, i shall take my time till i got the rhythm to do so. I still cant find the words to put my feeling as. perhaps i shall create a new word? ah well. ill edit this soon enuff. In the mean time.

Thanks John

Edited Section, ehehe soree late.
Well i really wanna show my gratitude to John Chan for Hitsugaya, really loved it, sum of ya might have seen the pic of it in my msn, if u didnt, just look out for it ^^ it might pop up again since i like it soo much XD

The late edit was due to being swarmed with reports and term paper, seriously, why does NUS have so much workload to do near examination time. Lack of sleep this days and socialometer is low. Oh well, thatz wat u get when most of the time u spend is to type type type. Ahhh to push Diena's buttons..... her memory getting full though, poor girl, i promise ill find time to lighten ur burden.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


The world is filled with sin, sin from actions and thoughts, sin from feelings. I never thought that it having feelings would be a sin. an uncontrolled feeling will be a sin. For an uncontrolled feeling could cause pain to self and people around. then again, it isnt easy to control your own feeling. this i knoe. When its wrong to be happy, when its wrong to be sad, when its wrong to love or hate. Sin then i have, and yet i cannot help it. Im too weak, too weak to control my feelings. Much pain i have caused. But yet, is it my fault? im only human, the life ive went through moulded me this way. Then it wouldnt be my fault alone wouldnt it? yet i shouldnt blame others, for im myself. The masks gets too heavy sometimes, it gets tiring. i want a place, a place where i could remove this masks away, a place where im me. my paradise

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The past night shows signs of frost shattering, shouldnt have think so much. But then again, it has made me resolve, decided i have what to do. Maybe sealing it is a wrong move, as the past two mistakes have shown. Perhaps it would be different. Perhaps unsealing it would make it thaw. Though it will change, change the life which im floating in now. Perhaps i shall embrace this change, as the current life is painful to me as it is. perhaps it would be better. for i do not wish to have the same ending as the previous mistakes. Though time is not right. maybe im just saying an excuse for dragging it longer. There are other more importants papers to go over, perhaps after this paper. I hope this will not be a resolve that i shall regret.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A broken slumber

I wake in the dawn to showers of light,
Moments of emptiness surrounds,
Floating away...with auras of hope,
But reality bring me to the ground !
(taken form Indecisive-Empty Decorations)

Thus, the short phrase depicts what i feel when the slumber's broken. Went through Diena after that and accidentally click on a wrong file. one that contained my memories of the past year, one that was made by J-ann, I cant thank her enough really, one of the best gift i received. as i read through each slides, memories kept flowing back, i miss those times, i really do, how cruel of life to remove the times from me. The memories fed the Void for now. yet the frost's destruction might be inevitable. the unfolding of time is similar to the First,and some part of the Second. Maybe it wont be as bad as the first, the body tends to get use to it . . . i hope. Another change is occuring, its inevitable. as it happens, so i might be affected too. Though i fear cuz i do not know in what way i shall change. an empty husk? a berserked creature? i wont knoe... What shall time bring to me this time, wont it let me have a slumber, a slumber of a puppy . . .

Monday, October 23, 2006

Frost of Void

The frost within is a ticking bomb, unstable in its current condition, dangerous in its current condition. Begging the skies above, seal the frost away. seal it far away. hide it from the eyes, for they do not see what it is, for they could not comprehend. the chains they set still binds me. i foresee the frost shall shatter one day, as it has before. so seal it away, at least far enough where the shards wont reach others. Though the frost is born from the chain that binds, though those eyes that bind could not comprehend, shield the shards from them. for its not their fault. , eyes that judge. eyes who arent bound by this chains. I seek for the acceptance of this eyes, yet the chains they set prevents me from doing so. thus the frost shall be borned. It will be so till a touch that can thaw it comes by. . .

angel of frost, angel of fire,
seal the frost & qwell my desire,
seal it away from the eyes of man,
let it be forgotten beneath the shifting sands.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The creature within

The void stirs again, and the chaos of the abyss is released again. the monster awakens, supress it i tried, fed it with false hope and ignorance. But now as reality revealed itself, i might not be able to hold it any longer. but to release it might cause it to destroy the one i seek to protect. To seek for help i should, but i cant, not with the chains of the world binding my body. I want to break the chains, i want to be loose, but yet i fear that this chains are the ones that are holding my life together. then breaking the chains might also shatter the life that i have known. . . Though the chain sometimes does feel comfortable... but the solitude gets too much to bear. So i wish, wishing that an angel would lift me from this binds of mine and let me soar. . . though thats wishing for too much, but at least it gives me hope, just enough to take another step through this life of mine.

Again, i found a light, i like it, though i know its not mine and might nvr be mine, but i still hope its mine. The small glimmer of hope, i hang onto it. Though again and again as reality shatters it and the shards hurting me, i just feel that though it's not mine, being close to it is enough. but i know that is just a lie. a lie i place just to bask in the light that comes from the valueless. I knoe this cause the monster inside seek to lash out and grab it for myself, though doing so might destroy the light ... therefore i let time, yes time, she who changes everything to do her bidding. Should i decide ? decide on chasing the light, or see where it wanders. I fear, fear what would happen when realities hammer completely shatters the hope that i hang on to. Would the rays from the light still be as comforting as it is? or would it pierce and hurt me more. . .

Yet, will i then still like the light, would i still seek to protect it, or would that cause me seek to destroy it. I guess i should swear now... this moment. With time as my witness, I shall protect the light, and if the monster does lash out, i shall hide in the shadows, hiding it away from the light. . . this is for although the light might be painful to me, its still warm to others, thus it must be protected. though this mite just be myself trying to keep the light to me as close as possible, but at this moment, i just want to protect the light. . . though it might be my third mistake. . . but then again, i never do learn from my mistake.

As the frozen one shatters,
Orbs shall rain,
The abyss then rages,
reacting back to the pain.

One that has shttered can freeze again,
For there is rain there is water,
there would be regeneration for the pain
then another step is taken into the future....

Then Non-Fluffy Logic Post

Well then, this shall be the start of where i state my whines and joys and ect like every other bloggers do. But i guess the difference would be that since i dont like to express myself alot, ill then express myself through my Fluffy Logic. Gonna take awhile to understand it if anyone bothers. There would be other Non-Fluffy Logic posts besides this but post such as this will normally be explanations and nothing about myself. Well, basic way to read my blog is dont think bout reality so much and well, get to know be better i guess. The more you know me the easier to read. That is if you even want to read . . .