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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well It's that time of the year again, Roses Chocolates and hearts everywhere. The day for Love is imminent, ITS VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Couples holding hands, sharing chocolates, exchanging gifts yada yada. Well during this day, through my view, i could separate them into a few groups of people(unmarried ones atleast) :

New Couples: New couples who are going through their first Valentine day, where the couple will most appreciate each other and what they did for each other that day

Old couples : Couple who are having a repeat of the Valentine's day, provided that the year they went through wasn't rough, they might be lovey dovey as before, well if it was rough, quarrels cheatings, unfaithfulness ect, the day might be rather . . .tension

Far Couples: Couples which are two far away to celebrate valentine's day with each other though long term relationship tends to lead to someone going astray
(Thnks Alex For reminding me ^^) *updated*

Single Type A: Having a crush on sumbody and wishing to be together with the person on that day. (Can work both ways if neither has proposed)

Single Type B: The one having a crush on someone but that sum one already has sum one in their mind therefore the one would most likely wear a mask to hide his/her feeling and to hold back the jealousy and the pain

Single Type C: The one which is on a rebound from a relationship or rejected and prefers not to get involve in the lovey dovey stuff for now

Single Type D: The Null person who has no one in their mind but can't help to feel lonely due to the atmosphere around them.

Hmm, currently i would put my self in Type D. At least for now.

Anyway, guys who have been spending their parents money in courting that gf of yours, have you give a thought of giving you mom some valentine as well? She is one of the person who loves you most in this world, why don't take SOME effort and give her what she deserves. A card, a rose or a gift to show how much u appreciate her love and care. And SHE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND !!!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

The World is Bland

Time to whine again,
Notice why ppl are addicted to games, movies, shows, animes, books ect?

Compare to this monogamous world of ours, everything seems to be stuck in some kinda time wheel that seems to repeat itself in a way. (this oni applies to we single ppl who has ntg better to do in life and not to those couple who looks forward to another day together, [ GARGH ! ] )

What happened to the element of surprise in life? Jeez, when was the last time i felt excitement, i cant remember it, sigh. . . i need some adrenalin boost to increase endorphin in my life. jeez even exam results have stoped giving me the adrenalin. Ah well, life's a bitch anyway.

We just keep walking the same pace, just hoping that one day we will bump into someone that would brighten up your day. . . *we here still only is applicable to singles and those who has just broke up or sumtin like that* =.= im whining i knoe . . .

Anyway, so tell me, when was the last time you felt excitement? I would really be intrested in that. I had an experience where i was nearly bang by a car and it wasn't exciting or scary at all, more of the ....oh... moments. So really do tell me, be it the moment you get WooosH of your feet by your gf/bf/person u admire or some exciting event that you have encountered.

Grant me wings for i wish to soar,
Grant me hope for i wish to live,
Grant me love for i wish to feel alive.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Well, My fridge was cleaned yesterday and you wouldn't believe what we found in it ! theres a LIZARD THERE !!!! i wonder how longs its been there, not to mention an entire ecosystem of fungal colony on the trays of the fridge, i though their suppose to be transparent? its found instead to be green and orangey. . . ewwww THANK GOD I NVR KEEP MY FOOD IN THERE, only bottled water (proud) wanna know how it looked like? here they are :

And this was how the fridge looks like after we finish cleaning it, we as in the three Msians who lives in the cluster, the rest seems to be not in , bz or just plain lazy, ITS UR FREAKING FRIDGE TOO U KNOW !!!GAH !!!

So anyway, since my IBM (Internaly Busted Mouse according to Syen) mouse seems to be acting up, it keeps dying halfway through, went to the NUS Museum Bazaar to get a new mouse, Got the Razer Diamondback in the end, though the Microsoft Lazer 6000 is cheaper due to its discount, well its discounted for a reason, besides its lazer capability of 2000 DPI, the design is crappy and according to what i read on the net, so are it's function. Phew. So here it is my new Razer Diamondback and another week ahead where i shall eat less due to limited cash pool. . .

As far as your wondering how much that costed me, lets just say that it left quite a big boo boo on my wallet. But i love it nonetheless. New mouse for my Lappy: Diena. Hohohohoh

Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Skill?

Haha Looky looky wat i learned in chinese class yesterday ^^, my very first Chinese calligraphy,

Okay, sure its not anything special but it is my first ^_^, i like it , maybe its just because its my own work, ppl tend to appreciate their own work more then others. Except in special case where a certain person that is related to u in a certain way takes his/her time to produce their work and hand it over to u . Hmm. . . I feel like saying sumtin wise but my brain seems to be blank, there for i shall say:

Yen Says: Do the right thing! Be a man ! ( haha i knoe its a ripoff )
but still, lucky guys out there, u know who u are ^^ Do the right thing during Valentines Day !
Which is to donate to Yen's Charity Fund for Yen who is broke T_T

Yea im broke, though the caligraphy says Spring! at least i think thatz wat it says, my wallet is as dry as Sahara though. Gah!!!
Meh, i wonder is there any possible and reliable way to earn money online where doesnt involve me selling stuff =.=
Ah well, im begining to get a control over my studies again. THANK GOD, i actually thought i was about to die this sem. Begining to enjoy learning new stuffs again. Makes u feel Smart and Brilliant when u finnaly understand it. MUHOHOHOHOHOHO

Oh, and i want to openly declare that im FAT !
FAT FAT FAT FAT !! i would write the chinese word for FAT here if i know how. Maybe i shall try with paint, here goes :

Haha, brialliant isn't it. Im like 4kg heavier since last sem already and i hate to admit it but my jeans are feeling tighter d. Gotta start excercising more often to loose the stupid dumb pounds, i mean i have the gym and all but no motivation. Maybe the fact that if i grow any fatter, i wont be able to fit into any of my pants ( their all size 28/29 ) and thus having no pants to wear. Yea, thatz gonna motivate me, and oh yea, no more junk food, this can be helped by the fact that im broke !!! bah MUST LOOSE THE POUNDS !!! wana get my lean body back. And YES i WAS lean. I was like 55kg b4 i started working, and thatz when the pound started adding up and i wasn't able to get back eversince! Don't do office work if ur hoping to keep lean without constant exercise ! ! ! blah. I shall attack the pounds starting from tonite !!! Btw, anyone got arm weights which you tie around ur arms while you jog? i think i wana use it while i play WoW or DotA. at least im working out while playing, hehe

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


When was the last time that you have cared for an animal? I dont know bout you but its been more then a month for me, sigh, i really wish i have animal companionship now, unlike humans, animals are much nicer in a way, sure u cant talk with them, but they will always be there for you as long as you'll be there for them, not all humans can do so . And they seem to have some comforting aura around them, especially the babies, their so adorable. Bahhhh, i miss my dogs at home badly now T_T wish i can hug them. Here's some pictures of baby animals, i duno, looking at them helps me relax.(not too relax i hope, later forget bout my assignments that are due .)

Ah well, for those who has animal companions now, do cherish them, sum of us are stucked in a concrete area with no wild life watsoever save for the ants that do the cleaning in my room. THeir really nice ^^

Monday, February 05, 2007

Just To release stress

*performs ritual to chase away assignmens*
olee olee oooo oooo oleee oleee ooo oooo chika chika boo chika too siam siam mama siam ma jut jut kut kut put put plek siak siak MAR !!! olee oleee BOO ! Boo Boo OLEEE go go ching ka ching ka ching chian kat !

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Present At Last !

The current situation :
Numbers represent workload

Amount of reading to do: Scientific papers: 2-3
Lecture: 2
Amount of work to do : 1 -CA due by Wednesday
1 -tutorial due by Wednesday
2 -presentation due by Monday
1 -lab report due by Friday
Misc : Room in a mess

lets say one workload = 2-3 hour to complete. . .
total workload = 11-12
taking it as 2.5 hours
time required = 30 hours. . . .


im in trouble now T_T if i cant resist playing WoW and watching anime... but their soo nice ! how can possibly ignore them >.< i lost the ability to study well, then again, did i have it from the start? Geeez, seriously, i doubt i belong in NUS where its the centre of bookworms and muggers.
i should belong in some... ermm .. arrrr. . . i do not know where i belong T_T
me ish losht, sniff sniff

Friday, February 02, 2007

Almost the present

This is going to be the last post bout the past, the UCC event day. Well, besides the STUPID IRC COMMITEE WHO DESERVE TO BE TURNED INTO DONKEYS FOR A YEAR, it was fun and great ! Im dressed up in a chinese traditional costume, though i reminded myself of more like a trishaw puller or sumtin, SWT ! Took alot of pics that day, its like the fiesta of mass culture or sumtin, i would post the pic here but im just lazy , ahahha was suppose to be studying instead of blogging , sorry john, aparently there are other alternatives if i dont wow where i can not study T_T. This is horrible, i THINK im back in the lectures, way behind more like it, yet i still cant find my urge to study, wats happening to me !!! then again i was always lazy from the start >_> i really should change, the EE peeps are all piaing their stuff everyday, and i can go on without studying for a week ! gaahhh guys any suggestion ? maybe u have sum vodoo stuff or sumtin that can psych me up to study ahaha, DEATHNOTE 16 out i go watch first. . . Study delay yet again >_>

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Warped time forwraded portal !!!

Okay lets see... like the title says im gonna fast forward a little, nothing much since class started, besides the choir practice, which was tiring mind u . Then... oh yea, THAT SATURDAY WHICH I WAS FORCED TO WAIT FOR 4 HOURS POINTLESSLY !! YOU STUPID IRC IDIOTS WHO I SUSPECT WAS RAISED BY DONKEYS, wait i take tat back, even donkeys are better then them !
ARGH !!! I WAS SO PISSED DAT DAY I PRACTICALLY SNAP BACK AT ALMOST ANYONE. Sorry Pooi San ya gotta be a victim too. BUT STILL !! ARGH !!! DAMMIT Havent been so pissed for so long d. Jeez. *cools down* okay then wats next... ahh i want to donate blood on the next tuesday after that #@$@#$#@ happened. but i got the date wrong, was suppose to be next week. Ahaheheh felt kinda dumb. After that, went out with John to Sim Lim, His first time there XD. Sorry james din call ya T_T we din knoe, honest. we walk around .. and round .. and round, look here and there, touch this and that XD well the thing is WoW and BC, he was really tempted to buy, i was kinda poisoning his mind too but gave up in d end XD we went back and ... was there choir after that? cant remember. then he gave me a luff when he decided to buy it the next day. LOLZ, my poisoning worked after all ? delayed effect maybe. hmm after tat wat happened. . . oh yea the costume rehearsal tat nite. i had a SPS lecture at the same time which i forgot about ( shit ) oh well, at least i had a good excuse due to the rehearsal. haha.
in the next post ill tok about the UCC event day. kinda lazy and wana go watch anime then sleep d. hehe XD