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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Code Name: Dream

Ahhh its raining again ^_^
this time im not under the rain hahahaha
so can enjoy . . . .

Anyhoo, today i went to the HERBALIFE bodymass check thingy
and well, im certified fat now XD
hahaha, previously thought that im 64 KG (own weigh)
the electronic weight they have said otherwise-66.7
thatz like almost a 3 kg different, i can blame the clothes and pants that im wearing,
but i will not ^^
Plus the body fat % was at 19 while the ideal one is around 10% for me
was adviced to shed those pounds away, then they came with the real motive:
Selling u da product, btw HERBALIFE is a MLM company so the ppl
gain more money for the product they sell ^^
Since my dad oso joined, guess i could get from him lah.
They looks dissapointed when i told em tat XD HAHA.

Anyway lets go to da title,
ever had a dream so nice you just dont want to wake up from,
sigh, once in awhile i get em, though nice to dream about it,
i feel angry and moody after i wake up
since i knoe its a dream and have to face my harsh realities
The thing is those dreams are not those type of fantasy like ones,
its close to reality, as in normal just that things u wished happen in you
normal life happened. . . hen u wake up, feeling miserable,
and knowing that the odds of what happened in you dream to happen in real
life is too low. . . that was an understatement, very low.
The worst thing is when u relate the dream to your current state,
For example u dream u score full As in ur exam then u woke,
then when u check ur results. . . it wasn't really. . .
Guess u could apply it to the rest such as striking lottery, person you have a crush on,
getting a car etc. etc etc.
Its just that during the moment in that dream, everything is just so real
and you feel so happy. . . then u realize its just a dream,
its sorta like realities mean joke or sumtin on u.
One of Life's (that bitch) cruel tricks.
Maybe some of ya have a dream come true before,
for me. . . as far as i remember i don't think i had one . T_T
Sighh, feel like locking myself in those dreams forever,
ahh well, Life's a bitch anyway, shes mean !
(meaner then Storm,MUCH MUCH MUCH MEANER !!!!)
though she has her kind periods. . . (Rarely)

Guess i should just stop dreaming and live with reality . . .
so i should just take control of what i can :
Health and Studies, Friends and Family.

Oh yea, must loose the fats thus:
Operation Weight Lost Through Doing Stupid Stuff

works for me before, should work for me again ^^

Yen~Dreamz. . . .

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Issue: Umbrella. . . .

First of all, pls no one start on the umbrella song >_>
Okay, so i woke this morning, around 9 45
(actually woke at around 7.30, urgh, i dunno why i wake be4 alarms this days)
so it was raining, thus unable to go to lab at 10 due to rain
(I don't own an Umbrella)
thus weeee get to go lab later lalalala,
*snuggles in bed*
then rain stoped around 1015
Time to go lab .
(Fast Forward >>)
okay so time for lunch,
was suppose to go meet Syen for collecting my A4 papers,
but instead i had to attend a meeting with my mentor,
so asked her to take for me instead (Big ERROR)
So i qued for the horridly long que in the science canteen (Yong Tau Foo)
then when was eating halfway nicely, *BROOOMM*
Thunder and rain = Storm?
This Rain
Not This One
Sensing the rain oso means sensing the storm,
Not this Storm
But a scarier one:
*play thunder sound*
Scary rite T_T
for those who dunno

GAaaa aparently because of purchasing the A4 paper for me
(She was kind enuff to buy me two stacks)
And due to the Rain, she was stucked at the Lib wet and drench,
Then thus due to that T_T
My pocket hurting d . . .
Im gonna owe here B&J for that.
So lets culculate here
Buying A4 paper from shop ~ 5.50
asking her to buy =4.50
B&J as transportation fee~5? ( not sure )
swt total T_T =

Mostly due to Umbrella T_T
I bet she din have an ella with her at that time . . .

Yen~ Shiverz

PS: dont kill me syen T_T

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alone~English Translation

A dry breeze is blowing
The city is getting cold
I wonder how many seasons have passed
without even a sound?

All of the people coming and going
bear heavy burdens,
searching for tomorrow
within the heat haze wavering in the distance.

Feelings like sand
falling through my hands...
Back then, the words that pierced my heart
suddenly started to throb with pain, but...

I've searched for pieces of myself,
counting the endless nights all the while.
These feelings are becoming so certain
I almost lose myself.
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far.

I wonder, why is the sky
so vast?
Even though I tried to yell, my voice didn't come
and the tears poured out.

I wonder where the birds are flying off to,
as they freely slice through the wind?
One can't return to the same place
as it once was in days gone by.

Even if I give up my dream like this,
I won't suppress my soaring heartbeat.
Someday, I want to reach
as high as the clouds. [1]
I'll spread wide the wings in my heart and journey once again

I will reach it, without fail.

I've searched for pieces of myself,
counting the endless nights all the while.
These feelings are becoming so certain
I almost lose myself.
Right now, without fail, I will walk forward, however far.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sudden freedom? ? ?

Lab was suddenly canceled today.
soo... here i am . . .
free. . .
Ever got the moment that some certain appointment got canceled
suddenly, normally at the last minute, then you realise.
What am i going to do now with this time. . .
its some thing like:

Too bz to think of what to enjoy by urself,
and when your free, you dunno what to do to enjoy the time. . .
annoying feeling.
anyhoo recovered from safe mode d.
thnx guy for bearing with me.
Noww. . . i need groceries, im almost run out of essentials
shampoo, instant noodles, bread, detergent.
anyhoo, its already the second week of class,
somehow i feeling like im either too bz or too free
when im too free i have nothing better to do
(dont call me to study cuz i wont if i dont feel like it)
anime is the best alternative i guess, meh
The class i DREAD the most is Bioinformatics.
1: Its god damm boring
2: the way the lecturer teach makes it boringer
3:the stupid practical is damm annoying and boring !!!!!
it irritates me as much as watching a video of elmo and barney dancing with each other
feel like taking a shotgun and blasting them up to little bits


Monday, August 20, 2007

Mode: Safe Mode

Guys im sure u have noticed my low energy mode since
i came back from the camp.
so i might not be the Yen you knoe when im around you.
Chains of events have leaved me both physically and mentally drained.
So ill say sorry first, just in case my negative energies are effecting the rest of you.

Things to do things to think things to decide. . .

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I need a moment of peace. . .

Just back from SPS camp.
Finally met the new freshies of SPS and guess what
The freshies this year at SPS much different from the previous batch.
its as if they dont belong there at all
(not considering how many of em will drop out)
theres like this group of freshies who dont look like the study type.
you would have seen them, cause there are like
5 of em who were in the SCIENCE Rag Dance !!!!
hahaha WHICH also leads to there being shuai guys and pretty gals in SPS
and they much ON lah . would be very intresting to listen to their views and perspective.
mite wana drop by the IS(interactive sessions) once in awhile just to listen to them
shooting each other .

guess if anyone is still reading my blog
they mite wonder why the sudden return of me
well the reason is

i need sumwhere to channel it after all
sum that knoe me would ask:
Dont u DotA to release stress
Good question!
its just that i have not been receiving dota invite for around a week d
and the Stress Lvl NEEDS management or else
me and the people around me shall suffer.

Sigh.. dead tired now but have Cluster Leader training
*Prays i dont fall asleep halfway through*


Friday, August 17, 2007

Let me start this blog with an


My stupid stuffs in my stupid bag damaged my laptop skin !!!
JEEZ !!!
not theres this ugly peel there
DAmmit !!!
if not becuz of the rain i wouldnt have place my lappy in my bag T_T
Maria's new dress now damaged.... sighhh
urgh. . .
i can already feel james going to tell me:-
I told you to get the laptop sleeve

sniff sniff. . .
ahh well, at least the skin protected my lappy from damage. . .
tomolo going to have to go to SPS camp d
seriously wonder what kinda people will be there
its Special Program for Science Camp after all. . .
*prays it not NERD inc.*
last years bath there was this NERD that brought a Chem book
to the chem. Its not the thin one, its those that are 4-5cm thick.
damm siao lah .
Hopefully itll be fun.
but the games should be ^^
might also consider using sum of the games for MSL day too
if there is time i guess. . .
anyway i better bath and get changed. just back from class.

Mentally Drained

Guyz im facing a little bit of problem...
the video turned out to be 4 GB in size. . .
WTF !!
yea i knoe i knoe . . .
anyone knoe how to kecik it so i can upload up onto you tube ?

my first week of skool is really tiring,
ive been almost running about from either 9 - 6 or 8-6
not counting meetings after 6 lah
yesterday(time), was very down when my experiment failed.
we had so much hope that it would finally succeed. . .
not only that, we were suppose to give a brief presentation today
and our slides arent ready and so is my brain.

i really wana rest... truly rest...
when would that ever come i wonder.
for now
Coffee would be my best friend
im certainly going to be coffee addict soon
if i continue being like this.
soo... tired..
better read up on one more journal paper
before i go sleep.