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Friday, September 26, 2008

Holi holi over :(

Here i am typing again.

well i have nothing intelligent to type, so guess ill just write on my holidays.

firstly, i did alot of baking this holiday.
out of the 7 days that i have been in penang i baked on 4 of them.

3 batch of bread and 1 butter cake.

duno why the craze but its better then just lying around to rot at home.
oso ive grown addicted to the song: Kimi wa Tomodachi by Ken Hirai

The song has beautiful lyrics on friendship and also it is performed using A Cappella.

soo anyway. getting back to wat the holidays is about.

To most of us i means getting back and spending the long overdued time with family.
to some it would be the time to spend on projects and extra classes
to some it would also be spend for mugging on the coming CA next week.

well may all of you have the time you need :)

.... seriously though i forgotten how to blog...
wat to write ... sighh.
im feeling sorry for the readers now since they would be reading my mumbling junks.

oh ya ! some thing to look forward(maybe not) to during the coming week !!
its that vegetarian time of year again =.=|||

ahahhaha.... urghh.
its gonna be hard to follow since well, skool food dont have the proper vegetarian
food that i need. guess ill just have to change my diet. gonna be stocking up on food
when i get back on sunday. need alot of fruits and milk if i am ever gonna get through this :S

wish me luck i guess.


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