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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who ???

Da big dillema !

most ppl are either dumb founded by it or feign ingnorance (atleast the ppl around my age lah)

have u discovered who u are? well i havent
i notice that among different ppl, i act differently. most obvious when i compare when im in pg and when im in sg .

so who the hell am i ? so many diff personalities but which is da centre? hmm
hard question no ?

also how emotions can quickly change ppl especially LOVE.
love dumfounds everyone typically. (Its still an unknown chemical reaction being figured out by several scientists)
so lets leave it to them and address da issue in this blog yes?

who are you ?
are you wat u think u are?
but always remember who you think you are is not what others think you are.
so how do you define yourself, is it from the perception of others? or is it from how you percieve yourself?
or isit both ? though if you consider both, then you would not have a solid fact as both mite contradict.

okay.. im confusing myself. mustt ........avoid....confusionn.. and lostt... of ..identity.y........

yea so think bout it. maybe we should figure out who we are before we start figuring others out ya?

kudos. and Welcome to post 69. in the honour of this post lets put a picture of 69 here. Heres an enlightening picture of wat the hell is 69 for you innocent ppl out there. seriously ur innocence is just ignorance and not purity k !

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